Is counselling for you?

What do you need help with?

Maybe you're reading this feeling worried, sad or depressed about something or somebody. Maybe you're anxious or afraid. Maybe you have a problem in a relationship with your partner, a friend or a member of your family. Maybe you're trying to come to terms with something very important about yourself or with a big change in your life. Or maybe you are worried about aspects of your behaviour, perhaps related to alcohol, drugs, sex, self-harm. These are some of the reasons people come to see us, either on their own or together with a partner or other family members or friends. Whatever your issue, counselling really is worth a try.

How we work

We're not the silent, 'inscrutable' kind of counsellors. We're ready to give opinions and advice if you ask for them and to answer questions about ourselves and our own life experience. We can work together on solutions and strategies. Counselling is above all else an experience of being held, understood and listened to that is rare to find anywhere else and it is often this that makes the difference. It is about relationship. You need to feel safe and okay before we start on any sort of therapeutic journey together. We've been in therapy ourselves and know what it feels like. We know it can be scary and daunting to get started. But we have some ideas by now of what works and what doesn't, what's helpful and what isn't.

We have extensive experience helping people with relationship issues, work and family matters, bereavement, coping with life-limiting illness and disability, sexual problems, sexuality, identity, depression and anxiety, spirituality and meaning in life. In fact, it's probably unlikely that you would surprise us by any issue that might bring you to see us. Do come and find out!

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